Tovefest is an event built around the film Tove, a unique kind of event never before seen around a film in Finland. The two floors of Box by Posti (Keskuskatu 3, Helsinki) will be transformed into a world inspired by the film about Tove Jansson.

Tovefest highlights themes and values that were important to Tove Jansson. The venue will hold lectures and work shops as well as a pop up shop. During the whole period there will also be a Pop up Moominmuseum at the venue. Tovefest invites everyone to take part in the event and enjoy the themes related to the film and Tove´s life.

Tovefest will start on Tove´s birthday August 9 and will continue throughout September after the premiere on September 25th. Tovefest and the Pop up Moominmuseum is open for everyone free of charge. Parts of the program will however be charged for.

The content of Tovefest will be published later during 2020.

Tovefest is arranged by the production company Helsinki-filmi.

You can already follow the preamble to the event on the Instagram handle @tovefest.

Tove the movie

Helsinki, 1945. The war is over and the colours have returned to painter Tove Jansson. She is finally able to get her own studio and put her everything into making it as an international artist. No way will she succumb to the social pressure to have children and start a family, it is art and liberty that are her priorities. Liberty is also what guides her in her open relationship with the married politician and left wing intellectual Atos Wirtanen. They both agree one cannot own another person.

This high ideal is however put to the test when Tove meets and falls deeply in love with the female theatre director Vivica Bandler. Inspired by her own life, Tove starts writing the stories about the Moomins. It all begins as a story she told scared children in a bomb shelter during the war. The Moomin fever grows all around the world. After the production of the first Moomin theatre play, she gets a multi-year contract for daily Moomin comics in the widely read newspaper Evening News, but gradually the initial monetary freedom of the contract turns into an all-consuming workload.

TOVE takes place in Helsinki, the archipelago and Paris. It is about finding your own voice and path as an artist, about making hard decisions and realising that one deserves to be loved fully. It is a story about an artist and woman, whose beloved work became a legacy that continues to move people all over the world until this day.

If you are interested in cooperating with or finding out more about Tovefest, you are welcome to get in touch!

Creative director
Aino Jolkkonen

Tovefest partners